Read the information below carefully before proceeding


BIMUN ’18 will be an event where you will be endowed with a political, strategic and economic perspective of the world. BIMUN is not just going to be a simulation of United Nations, rather it will be a potential platform to facilitate insights to diplomacy, international relations and of course United Nations itself.

It is a platform where you can confidently express your thoughts while contributing to the much essential change process.


1) Please fill all the sections.
2) The Registration Department will not be responsible for any typographical error (s).
3) Our Registration Team will contact you as soon as we receive your form.
4) The Registration Department will not be responsible for correcting any mistake(s).
5) The Registeration Department has the right to disqualify any incomplete registration.
6) All Payments are non-refundable.


Kindly observe the following steps for registration payment:
i) Upon submission of the registration form, an email clearly stating Total Fee to be paid by foreign delegates will be sent by our Registeration Team.
For Nigerian Delegates,
Early Bird: #45,000
Late Registeration: #50,000
Loyalty Fee (for Returning Delegates): #40,000

ii) You are then advised to complete your registration by depositing the required Total Amount to the specified Bank Account (Information of Bank Account will be provided via email to the delegate).

iii) After depositing the said amount, the delegate is requested to email a snap shot of the “Deposit Slip” in reply to the email sent from our Registration Team.

iv) Upon receiving and verification of the deposit slip, respective countries and committees will be allotted.

An alternative payment method is paying a visit to Babcock University Main Campus and submitting your payment at our BIMUN’18 Registration Desk in the University’s Foyer.

Happy MUN-ing !

Conference Date: July 8th to July 13th 2018
Conference Venue: Babcock University Main Campus.