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  • Absolutely! MUN conferences are held all around the world, and BUIMUN travels to wherever we can go! We’ve been to Ghana and Malaysia, for MUN!

  • No. There are various ways to be involved prior to the conference and at their such as be involved in the Press Corps, or a Volunteer specialized in an area you enjoy (Technology, Statistics…). 

  • Once you have been involved in several conferences, demonstrate your interest of becoming an officer in the organization to one of our current officers or email buimun2017@gmail.com. We will get in touch and discover the area you will be most successful, but keep in mind that effort and time has to be demonstrated in order to obtain and maintain your position.

  • We firmly believe that MUN is a great way to foster cross-culture communication and enhance youths’ understanding of international affairs and diplomacy, and that all students should have the chance to experience and benefit from MUN. Therefore, while processing registrations, the BUIMUN team will not discriminate delegates based on their MUN experience (or lack thereof). However, as certain committees have size or other technical constraints, BUIMUN will take a variety of factors, including MUN experience, when allocating countries and committees.

  • As BUIMUN receives a huge number of registrations each year, we regret to inform that not all registrations will be successful due to our venue space constraints. If you have been informed that your registration has not been successful, we seek your understanding. You may continue to follow BUIMUN through our Social media platforms or website.

  • As we receive many registrations each year and we have size restrictions for a number of our committees, some delegates may not be assigned the committee of their first choice. This is why in the registration form, applicants are asked to select their second and third choice committees. If applicants do not select these options, they may not be accepted. We seek your understanding in this.


  • The fees cover venue charges, conference materials as well as finger food and drinks for the duration of the conference. The fees do NOT cover regular meals, accommodation, and transport.

  • As the hotels around the BUIMUN conference venue tend to be packed during the conference period, we recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. The BUIMUN team is currently negotiating with a number of hotels to offer subsidized rates for our delegates. For more information, please contact our Directors of Delegate Liaison.

  • Model UN requires an extensive amount of research on your country’s position and the topic, which can always be guided and facilitated by our team. Once you are in the conference the important and fun part comes naturally by debating and defending what you have researched about. It can seem an innumerous amount of extra work, but keep in mind we have a time to help you through it, and in the end it is all worth it!

  • Once you have participated in various conferences and have been involved in the organization express your interest to one of the officers or email buimun2017@gmail.com. From there they will find an opportunity for you, and train you to be one of the best chairs ever!

  • BUIMUN 2017 only accepts team applications. Each university should have only one team, and each team should consist of 2 to 8 delegates, with one head delegate. The head delegate should ensure that the head delegate should ensure that all delegates in the team fill in the online application form accurately and promptly, which can be found at www.buimun.org.ng, within 24 hours. A confirmation email will be sent to the head delegate only and the delegate liaison will inform you about the next steps to take. Do contact us regarding your application if you have not heard from us within a week.

    Can I form a delegation with a person

  • You may use bank transfer to make the payment. For more details, please contact our Directors of Delegate Liaison.

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